About Us

McNewton is able to consistently deliver high quality and value by a LEAN mindset that removes all non-value adding elements in our own organization. We spend our clients' resources as if our own resources and earnings were at stake.

We have the courage to invent unconventional solutions, but are always grounded and provide practical recommendations that can be implemented and realized.

McNewton: Successful clients means everything.


All our work is characterized by an investigation of the underlying relations to Fundamentals on economy, industry and company level, e.g. parameterized by macro economy trends, industry growth rates, management performance, productivity, interest rates, earnings, cash flow etc. The key is that the value of 'work output' must be larger than the cost of 'work input' in a Net Present Value context. This principle applies no matter whether we, qualitatively or quantitatively, assist our clients with general management, change management, strategy formulation, entering a new market, M&As, contract negotiations, R&D, ramping factories or implementing a cost out program in supply chain. There is a cost associated with all activities in a company, including our service offer, why the value of 'work output' must be measureable and obtainable, or we must change direction.

We are always willing to provide, not only strategy recommendations, but also taking on implementation responsibility as we believe true value is generated in the realization phase.

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We strive for excellence in value creation through a reputation for professionalism, integrity, respect for the individual and for making a lasting impact on society through the success of our clients.


We create value and sustained competitive advantage based on exceptional problem solvers with implementation attitude and a passion for solving our clients' most complex challenges.

Our Values

McNewton is driven and shaped by our core values which constitute the foundation in which we want to run our business.

We do for our clients...
We do for society...
We do for other people...
We do for our employees...
Clients Success Means Everything

We put our clients first and ahead of our own interests. It is essential for us to make our clients successful and to make them reach their full potential. This ambition and commitment is central in everything we do - all our energy is directed towards this objective. Our own success comes second and can only be measured through our clients' success.
Integrity Above All

We put integrity above all and are always acting independently, honestly and rigorously maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards. We don’t reveal confidential or sensitive information for special interests.
Value Creation Excellence

We seek real value creation by understanding our clients' real needs. We have an eye for highlighting non-value adding elements in qualitative and quantitative perspective. Excellence in value creation requires that our work changes the mindset of our clients, deliver insight and improve execution ability. The value of 'work output' must always be larger than the cost of 'work input' and result in new ways of executing business with increased bottom-line impact and competitive advantage.
Respect for People & Society

We strive for long term sustainability in our recommendations and decisions. Our solutions are always delivered with respect for people and society. We embrace diversity among people and respect them for who they are as individuals and as team members. We believe that ensuring the sustainability of our economies is a fundamental responsibility of us all.
Professionalism & Dedication

We behave as professionals with true dedication towards taking it to the next level in value creation. We put an honour in delivering exceptionally high quality and in meeting our commitments with implementation attitude. Our dedication comes from the heart and the mind and is the inner flame that drives our passion for solving our clients' most complex challenges. All McNewton team members are selected for this ability – that they are exceptional problem solvers with top academic results is just something we expect.