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COO Services (Management of Operations & Supply Chain)
CPO Services (Management of Procurements and Contracts)
CFO Services (Management of Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions)
PMO Services (Management of Programs and Projects)






COO Services

Operations Management & Organizational Development.

Vision: Operational excellence acting as enabler and foundation for your company strategy. Mission: Execution from a profitable supply chain platform that ensures on time, efficient and flexible fulfillment of your customer's needs.

Key words: Operations Strategy, Business Transformation Programs, Strategies for Manufacturing, Procurement, Plants, Material Flow, Assembly, Tact, Capacity, Distribution, Logistics, Service. Management of the Up & Down Value Stream, Cost Out Management, Productivity Improvement, Total Cost Analysis, Quality Management on System, Process, Product Level.

CPO Services

Procurement Management & Organizational Development.

Vision: Direct and sustainable impact on your company's bottom line. Mission: Value creation through strong supplier relationships and contracts with an optimal balance of commercial, legal, technical needs and principles.

Key words: Procurement Strategy, Strategies for Buying and Sales Center Interaction, Category Management, Transaction to Relationship based Sourcing, Segmentation, Cost Breakdowns, Cost Bridges, Value Analysis. Contract Management: Negotiation, Law, Contracting Principles, Liability, IPR Protection, Title, Defects, Claim Principles, Indemnification, Warranty, Force Majeure, Delivery, Termination.

CFO Services

Corporate Finance Management & Organizational Development.

Vision: Professional financial management as a foundation for funding, enabling and executing your company strategy and maximizing share value. Mission: Securing profits by cash flow optimization and governance of return on investments.

Key words: M&A Strategy, Strategies for Investments and Financing, Equity/Debt Restructuring, Business Plans, NPV and Break Even Analysis, ROI/ROE Analysis, Cost Out Management, Cost Bridges, Optimization of Free and Restricted Cash Flows, Working Capital Optimization, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Accounting and Budget Controlling, Risk Management.

PMO Services

Program Management & Organizational Development.

Vision: Value add by continuous strive for project scope alignment with company strategy and your customer's expectations. Mission: Profitable and on time completion of your projects using professional project management methodologies and agile principles.

Key words: Strategy for Programs and Projects, Portfolio Management, Requirements Management, Quality Management, Team Coaching, Stakeholder Management, Risk Management, Increasing Capability Maturity Model Integration Level, Work Breakdown Estimation, Confidence Intervals, Controlling of Budgets, Velocity Monitoring of Work Package Completion, SCRUM, PMBOK, PRINCE2.

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McNewton's services are always tailored to our clients' business needs. Typically are services agreed in a Director Contract with a clear scoping of our executive services. But everything depends on our clients' business needs. You name it and McNewton will tailor services such that your business achieves the full potential.

McNewton is characterised by exceptional problem solvers with a curiosity and passion for solving our client's most complex challenges. With a worldwide scope, McNewton builds on our clients' successes thanks to a clear vision, strong values and, most importantly, people.

The following pages describe who we are, what we do and how we can help your business towards sustained competitive advantage in your markets.

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A number of elements are driving value in a company: historical earnings, sensitivity to macro economic changes, financial stability, dependency to owners, uniqueness of products, dependency on few/many customers, the likelihood of realizing the budgeted future cash flows etc.

McNewton can assist your company with valuation activities, financial optimization and value analysis based on peer group characteristics, P/E – P/B – P/S – EV/EBIT – EV/EBITDA multiples, discounted cash flow models, residual models, dividend models etc.

Contact us on +45 3048 4058 or send a message to discuss your needs further with McNewton.

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